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It can be a bit daunting sorting out truth from fiction in the world today.

Feel free to come join us and learn what is going on in the world together as we take this journey to find truth, complex angles of points of view and uncover news that normally would be overlooked. Let us leave no stone unturned as we go on this journey together!

Let us take this journey together!

My name is Leanne Huang. I am an Liberty University Journalism student currently working as a full time Nanny. This pandemic has definitely influenced my change in focus from teaching to the world of journalism. I love working with little ones and hopefully my husband and I will have some of our own one day, but for now I am surrounded by a bigger family; the human family. I want to share every story I can that would give a voice to the voiceless or help inform my community of life changing events and help them along the way. So the only way I can grow is to listen and learn from others as we all take this journey together. Welcome to the JRNY!

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